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V9 EasyView

  • V9 Plus VCA on all Channels
  • Over 8000 Supported Cameras
  • Unlimited Server Expansion
  • Unlimited User Expansion
  • Drone Integration
  • 1 Year SMA Included
  • H265 support
  • Video Analytics
  • Unlimited Channel Expansion
  • Open Platform
  • OnVif

V9 EasyView

Version 9 features a brand new approach to licensing. V9 is structured in four VMS product models: Base, Pro, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus. Based on the number of cameras, servers and simultaneous users, you can choose the VMS solution your project requires.


Video Analytics

V9 Enterprise Plus offers not only an unlimited license but VCA included on all channels, you can run real 3D calibration set up within the VMS management software with this new development.


Huge Camera Integration List

The EasyView software, can integrate with over 8000 cameras with native SDK integration offering the full features of the cameras not just the normal OnVif integration. Of course you can use OnVif cameras opening up to almost limitless choice of camera integration.


New Storage Architecture

The new storage mechanism meets and exceeds the scalability of today’s CCTV demands. Its designed to allow an unlimited number of supported disk drives or any disk drive size in mind, and to allow a mix of different size drives or network storage. It also allows flexibly removal or adding drives to the storage subsystem. It can work with direct connected disks, RAID subsystems, local drives or network drives – NAS or SAN storage systems. It still supports the EasyView Secure Data Distribution – SDD – mechanism where video frames – or groups of pictures – written to different drives to reduce the loss of video material if individual disks fail.



This extremely important feature enables the EasyView software to record in high resolution and stream multi-screen images to the local monitors, the multi streaming enables a second or even third stream resolution choices to the programmer meaning the load to the local monitor is reduced enabling more cameras on the server.

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