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Keeping your new server healthy has  become a major part of CCTV maintenance. Soon it will be a fact of life that you go into your CCTV server and make windows updates. In order to do this safely you would need to have the comfort that any update you made would not affect the VMS,  with our SMA in place this would give you the peace of mind that you could up-date the VMS and camera firmware at the same time as updating windows.



All software takes a PRO of development time and PROs of people with even more hours to complete the whole process. The Ernitec EasyView software is no different, we have over 50 engineers working on our software making the improvements to current versions, new camera drivers and exciting new features for the future.




In recent years we have made immense improvements to our software and at the same time hardware has taken a gigantic leap forward enabling software to do more and more. Just think a couple of years ago would you have expected Microsoft to stop supporting XP? But this is the world we live in now where hardware and operating systems are changing at a dramatic rate.


SMA For Servers

It's for reasons like this that we have introduced our SMA concept, by adding SMA to your Ernitec VMS purchase you are safeguarding the future of your system. During the life time of your CCTV system we will be bringing out new major versions and if you have an SMA in place these new versions will be included in the support contract to you and they will be free of charge. You can set up an SMA for a single year and renew them each year or purchase several years all in one go. You can also tie our SMA into the maintenance agreement that you offer your customer.

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