Number Plate Recognition

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  • Integrated into EasyView
  • Video Based
  • Uses standard video stream
  • Over 3000 IP cameras supported
  • Analog Camera Support
  • High Accuracy
  • Easy to use admin tool
  • Licence plate search
  • Black List


The ANPR Plus from Ernitec is a fully integrated into EasyView feature rich automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) solution, which scales easily to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes.  Developed for parking solutions, the ANPR+ provides a list management for car number plates to control and overview access to your parking areas with one or multiple exits. Extremely configurable, ANPR+ allows the creation of various scenarios for number plate logging, entry and exit controls, and limited access controls through both black and white lists.



License Plate Recognition

Any camera connected to the ANPR plus system can be assigned to recognize visible number plates. Entry and exit rights can be granted or denied through a configurable web management application.  Access can be provided for a license plate for an indefinite period, or it can be limited by date, time, or a certain number of access times.

Administrators and users with the correct rights, can enter license plates manually or by selecting automatically detected license registers.

All images are recorded for live or replay views. The ANPR plus system needs to be installed on a server with Ernitec EasyView software.

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