Electra Unmanaged PoE Network Switch


  • 4 Ports PoE
  • 2 X  RG45 uplink port
  • Back-plane bandwidth 12Gbps
  • 1000Mbps Full Duplex
  • Auto-learning and auto-aging
  • IEEE802.3x Flow control
  • Back Pressure for Half-duplex Mode
  • Port Lightning protection
  • Power lightning protection
  • 2 Year Warranty


The Electra T04 is a 6-port Gigabit AI PoE switch with 4 working modes, AI VLAN mode, AI Extend mode, AI power mode and AI QoS mode. By default, all ports are free to communicate; when AI VLAN mode is enabled, 1-4 ports are isolated from each other, which can effectively suppress

network storms and improve network performance.


In the AI Extend mode 1-4 ports can effectively transmit distances up to 250 meters, which is suitable for remote monitoring and power supply. In the AI power mode, the switch automatically detects the working status of the PD device and finds that the abnormal device automatically

restarts the device. In the AI QoS mode, when the device is congested, the video data is processed preferentially to make the video smooth.

Product Characteristics


  • AI Extend: 1-4 ports support 250 meters long distance power supply (CAT5e or better)


  • AI VLAN: Isolating ports 1-4 to each other can effectively suppress network storms and improve network performance.


  • AI QoS: Prioritize the identified video data to make video transmission smoother.


  • AI PoE: Automatically detect the power receiving port, find the dead device, power off and restart the device.


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