12 Bay Expansion Storage Rack

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PEGASUS 5 Series



  • 12 Hot Swappable HDD bays
  • Extension Rack for Build-E5212
  • Cable for Extension
  • 720Terabytes HDD Capacity         using 6 x External JBOB Racks
  • Dual Power Supply
  • 3 year Warranty


Massive Storage

The Pegasus 5 Series is ideal for recording PROs of cameras. When you record over 500 cameras in one server you will need a PRO of storage. With our range of external storage system you can combine 6 racks in a daisy chain to give up to 720 terabytes of storage using 10TB HDDs.


Tuned and Tested

All systems have been hardware tested over 24 hours before leaving the assembly line to make sure that your server will run 24 hours per day, year after year.

12Gbps Raid Controller

We fit a HBA Hot Bus Adaptor 12Gbps hardware raid controller to the server and set your RAID configuration before leaving the factory. This RAID card doubles the speed of our current raid card.


Dual Power Supply

All Pegasus 5 Storage Racks have the benefit of a dual power supply, so if one fails your notified and a replacement can be changed with the server still running with no down time for your CCTV system.


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