Professional Surveillance

Ernitec is a Danish manufacturer of video surveillance equipment. Ernitec was founded in 1972 and is today one of the world's most established and innovative manufacturers of a wide range of video surveillance equipment.

Danish Quality

Ernitec develop and produce video surveillance equipment of high quality and reliability here in Denmark. We have several production facility’s throughout Denmark where we produce and design our products.

Product Range

  • Dome and box cameras
  • Hand Built Professional Servers
  • Video Management Software
  • Video matrix systems
  • Network and Digital video recorders
  • Full range of CCTV lenses
  • Video transmission
  • Passive video transceivers
  • Matrix Systems and Telemetry receivers
  • Camera housings & brackets
  • Complete LON based CCTV systems

Solutions For All Sizes

We deliver solutions for small and large applications, from the very simple surveillance tasks with only a few cameras, to huge installations with complex networks of cameras, alarms, video analyctics, automatic number plate recognition,  automation, digital video recorders, and control centres for sites such as; airports, military bases, prisons, nuclear power plants, shopping malls, sport stadiums and a wide range of other medium to high security applications.

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