Zoom Lenses

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  • Glass Optics
  • IR Corrected
  • High Resolution
  • Standard Resolution
  • Pre-Set Potentiometers
  • ND Spot Filter
  • Vari-Focal
  • 2 Year Warranty

Zoom Range

Ernitec offer a wide range of high resolution zoom lenses with 10x to 25x zoom. The focal length varies from 6mm up to 750mm pure optical zoom without the disadvantage of using any extenders. That´s why Ernitec high-resolution zoom lenses deliver clear and sharp images from the centre to the corner of your CCTV Image even under difficult  light conditions.


3 CAM Motor Drive

18x zoom lens with 3-CAM Motor Drive. Triple support and guidance of the zoom and focus ensures a very smooth, silent and reliable operation.


Pre-Set Potentiometer

In order to use pre-set positions with zoom lenses, the lens has to have pre-set potentiometers built in which sends a feedback voltage to the control equipment. This allows the lens to return to a pre determined position pre-determined by the control equipment


Back Focus

When using motorized zoom lenses it is always necessary to back focus the camera in order for the lens to be

able to properly track focus.

Please read the “Aligning the back focus” paragraph before continuing.


  1. Align the camera on a target object at sufficient distance (ideally a distant object)
  2. Set the focus (distance) of the lens to ∞ (infinitely).
  3. Set the zoom range to the shortest focal length (wide angle).
  4. Now adjust the cameras back focus until the image on the monitor is in perfect focus.
  5. Now adjust the zoom range to the largest focal length (Tele).
  6. Re-adjust the focus by means of the focus ring of the lens.
  7. Re-adjust the zoom range to the shortest focal length (wide angle).
  8. Re-adjust the back focus on the camera until you again have the image in focus.
  9. Repeat steps 3 to 8 until the lens produces continuous focus over the whole zoom range.

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