Ultra High Definition Box Camera

Taurus PX 618

  • 4K High Definition
  • 8.1 Mega-pixel Sensor
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • 30fps @ 4K Resolution
  • Auto Focus
  • P-Iris Lens
  • POE + (IEEE 802.3at)
  • Quad Stream
  • OnVif Compliant
  • 4 year Warranty

Ultra High Definition

Ernitec steps into the 4K market with the new TAURUS PX-618 Network Camera. With its 4K technology, it offers the latest generation of ultra HDTV standards and features a resolution four times higher than HDTV 1080p. The TAURUS PX-618 is ideal for large areas such as football stadiums, airports and city centre CCTV while covering large areas as well as being able to capture all of the fine details.


Auto Back Focus

The Taurus PX series features auto-back focus, meaning you just need to adjust the lens too the angle of view you need and then, with a push of a button from your web browser you can focus the camera remotely. This massively reduces the install time as high mega-pixel cameras can be very hard to focus quickly during install.


8.3 Mega-pixel Sensor

The TAURUS PX-618 camera features a highly sophisticated half inch 8.3 mega-pixel image sensor and extremely fast internal processor that runs four times the speed of conventional full HD cameras to deliver unparalleled performance in both bright and low light conditions. The camera also features true Day/Night capabilities to capture 4K colour images during the day and high-resolution black and white images at night.



The Taurus PX series is a range of box cameras so with this camera we offer a large choice of accessories to customize your camera to the project design needs. These accessories include IP67 housings with brackets for wall and pole mounting. We also have a wide range of lenses to cover your viewing needs.


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