Mini Twisted Pair Video Transmission

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Mini Transmitters

  • Mini Twisted Pair Transmitter
  • Up to 1500 meters
  • Mini Balun
  • PTV120 no power
  • 3 year warranty



  • PVT120    Part No:  0040-01304



The PVT-120V does not require power and can be used as both a transmitter and a receiver. If used in a pair the transmission distance is 150m without any noticeable signal degradation and up to 300m with about 2.5 dB loss.


The PVT-120V can also be combined with an active receiver such as the Ernitec BVR-65 or EVR230 series offering, the transmission distance is up to 1000m.

The small size of the PVT-120V means it can be installed inside the back box of the

Popular Mercury Dome series of vandal-resistant cameras.

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