Enterprise Network Video Recorder

Hydra B64

  • 7th Gen Intel i7 Kaby Lake CPU
  • 16 Gb RAM, 240Gb SSD
  • Windows 10 CBB Edition
  • ESR Ernitec Smart Recovery
  • 64Bit EasyView VMS
  • Over 3000 Native Cameras Drivers
  • License Based Real VCA
  • Unlimited Hydra Expansion
  • Multi-Streaming
  • Built in PSU
  • 3 year Warranty


Hydra V2

The Hydra V2 has been improved with the addition of the new intel 7th Generation Core i7 Kaby Lake CPU with Quick Sync ideal for smooth VMS Operation. The Hydra has been reduced to 3 base part numbers so you can configure your own specification, then we build, test and ship it to you.


Video Content Analytics

Hydra V2 benefits of a faster CPU than the DB series and the ability to have video analytical software channels added onto the standard package.


High Speed Live Data Base

The Hydra series runs with a full data base making this recorder one of the fastest on the planet, you can instantly retrieve video though the whole recording period, making fast retrieval and seamless high speed playback and rewind possible. This gives the user a true video recorder feel to the unit and massively increases the time to find incidents.


Huge Camera Integration List

The Hydra, can integrate with over 2000 camera with native SDK integration offering the full features of the cameras not just the normal OnVif integration. Of course you can use OnVif cameras opening up to almost limitless choice of camera integration.

Real VMS on Board

Unlike other units in class our NVR has VMS software which you can actually use. Offering a host of features we have all come to expect from our video systems over the years.


Ernitec Smart Recovery

The Hydra is also new fitted with ESR recovery software bringing new computer safety standards to the security market with our unique ESR software developed by Ernitec to back-up the complete machine including OS and VMS settings, saving hours of on site problem finding.



This extremely important feature enables the Hydra to record in high resolution and stream multi-screen images to the local monitors, the multi streaming enables a second or even third stream resolution choices to the programmer meaning the load to the local monitor is reduced enabling more streams to be viewed.


Plug & Play

We have created software for the Hydra, that enables you to easily set up your video system in essence plug & play. Using the Ernitec Device search you can connect all your cameras to the switch search for them independent of the network settings then make a batch network set up which automatically sets up the IP addresses, then import these cameras in one go through the VMS. With the correct training you can have Hydra system up and running in minutes.


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