Video Management Software

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  • Over 3000 Native Cameras Drivers
  • Pro and Enterprise Versions
  • Multi-Streaming
  • Video Analytics
  • Plug & Play
  • up-to 128 Channels Per Server
  • Unlimited Expansion
  • Open Platform
  • OnVif
  • SMA

EasyView Versions

We offer two versions of the EasyView software, EasyView Pro single channel licence which offers 5 users, 1 server and up to 50 channels. The EasyView Enterprise single channel licence allows 10 users, 5 servers and 128 channels per server, the Enterprise License can be expanded to unlimited amount of servers using master server upgrade license. The Pro license can also be upgraded to Enterprise if local expansion is needed .


Video Analytics

We have built video analytics directly into our software package, once activated with a separate licence per channel you can run real 3D calibration video analytics on any camera connected to the software.


Huge Camera Integration List

The EasyView software, can integrate with over 3000 cameras with native SDK integration offering the full features of the cameras not just the normal OnVif integration. Of course you can use OnVif cameras opening up to almost limitless choice of camera integration.


This extremely important feature enables the EasyView software to record in high resolution and stream multi-screen images to the local monitors, the multi streaming enables a second or even third stream resolution choices to the programmer meaning the load to the local monitor is reduced enabling more cameras on the server.


Plug & Play

We have created the EasyView software that enables you to easily set up your video system in essence plug & play. Using the Ernitec Device search you can connect all your Ernitec cameras to the switch search for them independent of the network settings then make a batch network set up which automatically sets up the IP addresses, then import these cameras in one go through the VMS. With the correct training you can have a EasyView system up and running in minutes.

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