4 Bay Tower Surveillance Server

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CORE Concept


  • 1000 Megapixel fps recording
  • Intel i5 Skylake Quad Core Processor
  • Intel Kaby lake Xeon E3 Option
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • Standard Windows® 10 loT OS
  • 4 Hot Swappable HDD bays
  • Dual Gigabit Network Card
  • 1GB Graphic controller
  • 500Gb SSD System Disc
  • 3 Year Warranty

Version 3 Performance

The Core-V3 series has been improved with the addition of the new 7th Generation Intel E3 Kaby Lake CPU with Intel Quick Sync ideal for smooth VMS Operation  and is optimized to work with CCTV recording Software for sensitive & long-term storage of IP/Megapixel cameras.


Optimized For Surveillance

The Pegasus range is engineered to optimize the way the processor, memory, graphics, OS and software technology work together to deliver massive recording power.


Tuned and Tested

All systems have been hardware tested over 24 hours before leaving the assembling line to make sure that the server will run 24 hours per day, year after year.

Core Cost Saving Concept

This new concept is for customers who just need the server, with no ESR and none of our changes to windows. Ernitec Core servers are made to our high specifications but at a better price, if you want to add ESR or the Ernitec image these are avaible as options. You can also use build part numbers with these servers if you want to add RAID cards, hard drives or other options to your Core server.


Hardware Monitoring

Special hardware IPMI management and notify-cation server give you early warnings if a problem is detected so you can keep your server health.


Advance Replacement HDDs

When you order Ernitec BUILD hard drives with your Pegasus Server you have the added benefit of a 3 year advance replacement service on the drives.

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