Asguard UHF Asguard Credentials


Asguard Card, Label & Fob

  • UHF Dual Tech Access Card
  • UHF Adhesive Label
  • UHF Keyfob
  • Credential for access control applications
  • Genuine Alien HIGGS-3
  • UHF Frequency 860-960 MHz (Region dependent)




Ernitec offers a broad range of UHF credentials that provide solutions to typical access control and logistics applications. Our credentials utilise the Alien Higgs-3 transponder which offers superior longevity and performance.


For access control applications, UHF is primarily used for carpark access applications. For this we have a UHF windshield tag that is purpose built for harsh temperatures and operation during rain. Alternatively a personal UHF key fob may be utilised.

Dual Tech

For sites looking to avoid having a separate credential for access to the building and access to the carpark, we offer a dual technology ISO combi card which will work with both the UHF reader as well as access control card readers on the rest of the site.

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