Asguard Access Control Door Extension


Asguard ACE

  • Expands ACM to 4 doors
  • Plugs on the ACM board
  • 32,768 cardholders via ACM
  • 71,500 access control events memory via ACM
  • 3 year Warranty


Asguard ACE Access Control Extension plugs on the ACM board to ensure stand-alone or networked access control for up to 4 doors per one box.



Asguard ACE uses the ACM on-board database of access rights, being able to function even without any network connectivity.


Key Functions

Asguard ACE is used together with ACM for pedestrian and vehicle access control, time and attendance and visitors access control.


Asguard ACE connects to standard access control readers on Wiegand and Clock-and-Data interfaces, including proximity and biometric readers.



Remote management, configuration and monitoring is done through the ACM, via the Asguard CP on RS485 or directly over IP, if fitted with the Asguard ETH Ethernet Module.


Ease of Installation

Asguard ACE is supplied with all the accessories needed for easy installation.

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