Matrix Keyboard

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1501M Keyboard

  • Hi Quality Danish Design
  • Back-lit graphical LCD display
  • Password protected access
  • 10 Keyboards in one system
  • Direct Camera Control
  • Matrix Keyboard
  • Direct PTZ Control Keyboard
  • 500M and 1000M matrix systems
  • Splash Proof
  • 3-axis joystick


User Priority

This allows the high priority keyboard(s) to take control of the system at will. Restrictions to keyboard access can be programmed to prevent selection of individual cameras, monitors, alarm reset, or programming. In this way, an operator only has access to the functions permitted by the security manager. If allowed, authorised programming can be made from any keyboard. Added security access to the programming of the system may only take place by using a four digit password.


Camera Text

For easy identification of the camera location, site location all SYSTEM 500M and 1000M units provide text information to the system monitors. For each camera in the system, it is possible to have a text string of up to 20 user programmable characters. Camera text is located at the bottom of the monitor as standard, but can be moved to other positions.


Camera Sequences

As many as 8 different camera sequences can be defined. These sequences can be displayed on any monitor: Each camera sequence can contain up to 64 entries in any order and each entry can have an individual dwell time.


The 1503M features a serial port with selectable RS-232 or RS-485 interface for matrix connection, or for direct connection of 32 BDR telemetry receivers  or Orion Domes. The RS-232 port can also be used for connection of a serial printer for alarm logging.


PTZ Camera Control

The 1503M can talk directly to Orion domes or telemetry receivers for controlling standard or high-speed pan/tilt and zoom cameras. Control of all cameras can be selected from any keyboard connected to a matrix, or automatically in an alarm situation. Pan/tilt and zoom cameras can also be sequenced between any or all of the pre-set positions, stopping at each position for a pre-programmed time.


Alarm Handling

The Ernitec 1503M keyboard provide facilities to display each alarm group on its own monitors. This makes the operator able to distinguish between the different alarm groups in an easy and fast way. It is possible to select which camera(s) will be displayed as the result of an alarm event and the relevant monitor(s). Each alarm event can call up to 4 cameras, allowing the system to supplement the alarmed camera with pictures from the surrounding or important areas.

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